On May 9, 2019, I presented the paper "Empowering End Users in Debugging Trigger-Action Rules" at the audience of ACM CHI 2019 (International CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems), held in Glasgow, UK.

The paper presents EUDebug, a system that enables end users to debug trigger-action rules for personalizing Internet of Things (IoT) devices and service. With EUDebug, users compose rules in a web-based application like IFTTT. The system highlights possible problems that the set of all defined rules may generate and allows their step-by-step simulation. Under the hood, a hybrid Semantic Colored Petri Net (SCPN) models, checks, and simulates trigger-action rules and their interactions. Results of exploratory study on 15 end users shows that EUDebug helps identifying and understanding problems in trigger-action rules, which are not easily discoverable in existing platforms.

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